What type of hair is provided in the unit?

  • 100% virgin hair.

What is Virgin Hair?

  • Hair that is chemically unprocessed usually collected from a single donor. 

Do I need to bleach the knots of my wig?

  • No. Each unit comes fully customized and ready to wear. 
  • *Minimum plucking is done along hairline*

**We advise a lace tint of your choosing for blending

What kind of closure is used for the units?

  • 5x5 Transparent lace (Unless otherwise noted)

What is the difference between HD and Transparent lace?

  • Transparent lace is most commonly used for everyday wear and transparent in color.  HD lace is more invisible to the naked eye making it suitable for all skin tones. HD is more delicate to work with and is customarily used in theater and film work.

How long will my unit last?

  • Units can last up to 2-3 years with proper maintenance.
  • *Closures may have to be filled and/or replaced in the interim of possession due to normal wear and tear, namely STYLING*

What is route shipping protection and why should I use it?

  • Route is a third party insurance policy company that gives customers the option to protect their packages during transit. The decision to choose route packaging is solely the responsibility of the customer.
  • Gemini Hair Collection is NOT responsible for claims in connection with packages lost or stolen. (Please refer to "Terms and Conditions")
  • For more information on Route policies, please visit Route Package Protection Policies.